Monday, July 16, 2012

NEW unique gifts available!

I love unique things.  I take pride in having something different, something with personality.  It seems like everywhere you turn, canvas is being advertised.  I love canvas, it displays beautifully.. but its no longer unique, like it used to be. 

So, what is unique? Image blocks! What is an image block, you say? Well I'm glad you asked! :)

Image blocks add depth and visual appeal to a wall display. Lustre or Metallic prints are laminated and wrapped around a 1-inch thick block. Each block is then secured to a 1-inch thick photographic print base -- they are designed to appear that they are floating off the base block.  You can choose one image, or multiple images. Image Blocks are perfect for highlighting the details of an important life event; Add optional important text like a wedding date and location, or a baby's name and birth date to create a timeless, unique memento you will treasure forever.

Image blocks come with a built-in hanging system and are available in many different sizes and configurations.

The lab I work with is absolutely amazing, and I was ecstatic when they began offering these unique displays - so of course I ordered one right away!  Feel free to come see, feel, touch my sample image block - all you have to do is ask! :)